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3 30 Minute Facial Massage $145!

Expires 2/28/2020

1/2 Hour On A Foot Massage Or Hand Massage Only $45!

1 Hour Foot & Hand Massage Only $80!

Vacation zone!

Try a relaxation and stress relief massage and you will feel as if you were on a vacation.

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Wrap-less Body Wrap!

3 Sessions Only 130!

30 Minute Each! Daily For 3 Days!

Steam Detox Treatments Are For Weight Loss And Beautiful Skin

Try Our Steamy Wonder For The Cold Winter Months And Get The Loss Weight You Need!


Weight Loss

Smooth Skin

Relax Tense Muscles


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Ladies Are You Tired Of Having Cabin Fever And Being Stuck Inside Throughout These Cold Fidget Months?

Office Workers, Are Those Shoulders Feeling Stiff From Being At The Computer? Services Are Provided For Your Spa Party At Your Place Of Work, Home Or Wherever You Want Your Spa Party. We, Will, Come To Your Location.

DiSolace Massage Sequence Will Provide

Chair Massages Or Table Massages

Your Theme And Very Skilled Massage Therapist Subcontractor Team To Suit As Many As 12 People.

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